Keto Beef Empanadas Low Carb Dominican Style Pastelitos

A non traditional way of making Dominican Pastelitos / Empanadas low carb style.

Also known as a Meat Pie, Pastelillos, Pasties, etc.. so many different variations and names from all parts of the world. Support my youtube channel by sharing this video with your friends, Subscribe to see what else I can come up with!

Important: Work with the dough while its still warm, melty & just made, cheese will harden if you wait too long and could fall apart while shaping. Weight of the Cheese is 330 g Total on the video i wrote 282g+48g = 330g you won’t see it on the scale it was edited, i was using a new scale i didn’t know how to add .48g at the time. This recipe has more beef than needed to make 8 so you can make extra dough and freeze them or you can use less beef, that is up to you. Do not use aluminum foil when baking they will stick on badly use parchment paper and don’t over cook the meat or the empanadas till it’s overly dry, follow the steps and you will be fine, Add some broth or water like mentioned if it gets too dry, you can also leave the grease in the beef and that should help. Also because i get these comments, It’s my prerogative to use my knife on my plate if i choose to.

The viewer takes full responsibility for counting nutritional information such as carbs, while trying any and all recipes.

Products Used:

Nonstick Jumbo Wok

Digital Scale with AC Adapter

Silicone Brush

Blanched Almond Flour

Sunflower Seed Flour – Alternative for people with allergies to nuts.

Baking Powder

Apple Cider Vinegar


Garlic Powder

Pink Salt

Black Pepper

Onion Powder


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