Keto Beef Nihari | Low Carbs Recipe

This recipe is an organic and hygienic which can help you reduce your weight and have several health benefits
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140 g beef
2.5 tb sp ghee
1 tb sp fried onion
1 tb sp niahri masala
1 tsp xanthan ghum

Heat ghee and fry onions till brown then add beef to same pan and simmer till it gets white. (you may choose to add some bones for extra flavor and take it out later) Add about 6 cups of water and till the meet is done. Reduce water to size of one serving that is about 2 cups. When meet is tender, take out the meet and thicken nihari with xanthan ghum dissolved in water. Let it boil on low flame. Add back the beef and let cook for 10 more minutes on low flame. Add fried onion.

3 Tbsp Almond Flour
1 Tbsp psyllium husk
2 Tbsp Oil
1 Egg
Salt according to taste
Water as needed

Mix all ingredients and leave for 10 minutes before making roti.

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