Keto Beef Stew Recipe

A low carb, keto beef stew recipe that’s sure to please. This keto diet recipe is not only flavorful, but extremely low in carbs and fat burning. Beef stew is the perfect comfort meal for family and friends alike.

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•Beef of your choice (0g carbs)
•Onion (5g carbs per 1/2 cup)
•Beef broth (0g carbs)
•Canned or fresh vegetables of your choice

•This recipe uses canned veggies, but you are welcome to use more carb-friendly veggies. I used canned for convenience, coming in at 5g of carbs for a 1/2 cup. This quick recipe is ideal for those slowly transitioning into the keto diet that may want to avoid “keto flu” effects, or slowly lower their carb intake to get into the swing of low carb eating.
•It is best to cook the beef at a low temperature for a long time to ensure tender, juicy meat.
•Pan sear your beef first before adding broth, the flavor outcome is different.
•Using a crockpot is highly recommended for this recipe.
•It is important to add the vegetables in within the last hour of cook time–it prevents soggy and mushy veggies.

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