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Keto Chicken And Mushroom Casserole

1 pound chicken breasts, trimmed and cut into 1 -inch thick strips
1/2 pound mushrooms
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves garlic crushed
1/4 cup fresh parsley chopped
2 tbsp thyme leaves
salt and pepper
1/2 cup chicken stock
1/2 cup heavy cream


Heat half the butter and half the olive oil in a heavy saucepan.
Season with chicken and then bake in batches until evenly cooked. Remove from pan and set aside.
Add the rest of the butter and oil to the pan and cook the mushrooms until they are brown and crispy.
Add garlic, herbs and chicken and discolor the pan, scraping all the good from the bottom of the pan.
Add cream and simmer until sauce has thickened. Do not boil, as the cream may separate.
Return the chicken to the pan and stir in the sauce. Cook another five minutes.
Chopped parsley sprinkled on top.

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