Keto Low Carb Weight Loss Shrimp Alfredo Recipes

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On my YouTube Channel I share my weight loss journey including what I eat, how much weight I’m losing, weight loss stalls, & all the juicy details.

***Disclaimer: I am not a Physician. Please check with your Physician before using any products I discuss for what I use to lose weight & belly fat. This is not a cooking channel but I do share recipes I enjoy for weight loss & health benefits for myself.

I also talk about the tea & juice I’ve started drinking which is helping me to finally lose stubborn belly fat & lose weight.

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Please watch my videos regularly when you can, including the ads, which helps me pay for expenses to do the research & to keep my channel going. I will keep sharing the information as long as someone can be helped.

This is not a joke or gimmick. In 2014, I was in a near fatal car accident. I suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, back & neck injuries. Due to prescribed medications, painkillers, & limited mobility, I gained well over 30 pounds. I had to do something because the weight gain was leading to other underlying health conditions for me.

I’ve done keto & love it. My body goes into ketosis pretty quickly when I need to. However, after months of strict keto I’ve decided to allow myself to eat more carbs. I eat what I want & since I love keto foods I tend to eat them. On weekends, I eat what I eat without gaining weight.

I’ve started drinking this amazing organic tea & juice. It is sugar free calorie free. As you can see from some before & after pics I posted, I’m losing belly fat!

Results may vary from person to person. Can lose 1-3 inches per week. What you eat is totally your choice so why not make good choices. You can still enjoy the foods you like & be healthy. Remember it’s important to drink plenty of water each day to flush out any toxins.

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