Keto Shrimp Recipe | Carnivore Breaded Shrimps and Sauce Ideas!

This Keto Shrimp Recipe is easy to make 100% Carnivore by using Pork Rind breading and frying in animal fat like tallow. This is suddenly a new family favorite and is fast and easy.
For the platter of keto breaded shrimp in this video I used:
• 2 lbs shrimp (If you can get wild Argentine then do it!)
• 2 cups pork panko (or grind your own: />• 1 beaten egg
• 1 tsp (or more) Old Bay seasoning : a
• Tallow for frying (I used about 1/3 c)

Clean mayo as a dip base: Use either a Keto Mayo ( or make your own (see link below)

Dip shrimps into beaten egg, dredge in the panko and lay on wax paper or silicon mat until ready to fry.
Heat tallow in pan, fry shrimp until they are opaque and drain on paper towels.
Also watch my recent Carnivore meal prep video: />How to make Bacon Mayo: />How to make your own tallow: />=============================================================
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