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Why Don’t Public Officials Get Things DONE?

If, you are like, many others, who study the history, heritage and past, of this nation, and realize, the same topics, are repeated, over – and – over, again, often, without any quality, viable solutions, and related actions, performed, etc! Why do we keep, seeing, public officials, either, not ready, willing, and/ or, able, to get what, should be prioritized, DONE? Why do politicians, so rarely, transform – themselves, to quality statesmen, after they were elected, but, rather, continue focusing on their personal/ political agendas, and self – interest, rather than the greater good?

How Great Leaders Walk A FINE Line?

Many seem to believe, having democratic elections, is key, to creating the most representative, service – oriented group, but, while, conducting a fair election (both, in – fact, as well as perceptions) is needed, a real leader must realize, for them to achieve greatness, for the specific organization, it is often essential to walk a rather – FINE line! Unfortunately, in, nearly, every group, only a few people are committed, ready, willing, and able to make a difference, for the better! For example, only when one’s stakeholders perceive something, which inspires and motivates them, will the group, actually, flourish, unfortunately, very few…

Air Pollution May Cause A Lot Of Diseases

According to experts, air pollution can cause a lot of damage to our environment. Apart from this, it may also harm human health. As a matter of fact, air pollution is responsible for causing many common diseases across the globe.

9 Points to Consider Before You Buy a Good Air Purifier

Whether you are a home or office user, we suggest that you look for the best air purifier to meet your needs. Maintaining your indoor air quality is essential if you want to stay away from a lot of common respiratory infections and diseases. Read on to find out more.

8 Health Risks of Exposure to Air Pollution

If you don’t know the importance of the air we breathe in, you need to change your mindset and get to know more about it. Sometimes, it is not possible to view air pollution. But it can still have a great impact on your health.

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