I Wrote A Book As Part of My Therappy

Writing is an effective recovery technique on its own or in conjunction with therapy. Sharing your writing with someone that is not your abuser, is also helpful. My therapy writing morphed into a book.

Critical Thinking: Can Someone Be Overly Fearful Of The Coronavirus If They Were Abused As A Child?

Although there are some people who have done their best to carry on as normal since the arrival of the contagion, there are others who have been unable to do so. For someone in the second position, it might not matter if the restrictions have been eased where they live.

Basic Differences Between Investment Options!

After, spending, decades in the financial services industry, and, over four decades, in leadership, consulting, personal development, and other areas, related to planning, as well as, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have come to, believe, strongly, a large percentage of Americans, seem to lack, a proficiency, and/ or, basic knowledge, and understanding, of, even, the most – basis, investment concepts! Although, most of these people, seem to believe, they do understand, when, you hear, people, holding income – oriented, investments, questioning growth, and/ or, vice versa, one realizes, it may…

The 5 P’s Of Why Politicians Get So – Little Done!

Perhaps, the single – biggest reason, so many people, have lost faith in our political system, and the way, elected officials, behave, and fail – to – achieve, is they witness, the same issue, discussed, over – and – over, with, apparently, little – to – no, true progress, achieved, even, when the issue, is even, the most, time – sensitive, in – nature! Why do we permit, politicians, to resort, to denials, and other, politically, personally – serving, behaviors, when, now, perhaps, more – than – ever, we need these individuals, to proactively, come to a meeting – of…

What Great Leaders Must Do FIRST?

After, over four decades, of personal involvement, in, nearly, everything related to effectively, leading, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, to serving as a leader, on several occasions, I believe, one of the primary challenges to finding better, more effective, meaningful leaders, is, getting these individuals to know, understand, and take advantage of the concept, they must begin, the right way, FIRST, in order to accomplish any objectives! Unfortunately, too many people, thrust – into these positions, resort to procrastination, and/ or, denial, rather than proactively, pursuing the best path -…

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