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The Rise Of Corporate Influence

The world today is still faced with a major health crisis, international terrorism and major inflation.. The reactions to these crisis has been a case study of how not to respond to a major outbreak of a potentially deadly virus, international terrorism and inflation.

Opening Up Portals of Light in the Darkness: Our Spiritual Task and Gift

We are living through times of change and uncertainty, and we are learning to dance in the mystery of not knowing. During these uncertain times, the ancient wisdom teachings remind us that we have power – the power to open up portals of light for grace and healing to flow through. Here’s how to do that and how your act of service helps anchor light in the world.

Prophets Hear What God Is Saying And They Proclaim His Message – They Are Wise Men!

Previously the words of the prophets are included in the content of the historical books. The prophets were very ordinary men – but they were given a BURDEN or ORACLE or WORD – which they spoke or preached or proclaimed or shared. The prophet not only spoke for God – but he first had to hear from God. We have to receive before we can give. The prophets basically challenged the people of God – and occasionally confronted kings – or the priests – or false prophets. They also comforted the people – and that is also part of New Testament prophecy. Jeremiah has become a nickname for doom and gloom – Jeremiah prophesied serious and sad words – all of which came true. If someone calls you a Jeremiah, and that is true – then that is a great compliment – it means you are speaking forth the Word of God. The people thought Jesus was Jeremiah! Matthew Chapter 16. In the prophets we learn about GOD.

The Gospels Direct Our Focus Upon Jesus Christ, the Messiah

The Word of God came to John – John preached and baptised. Jesus came from Nazareth to be baptised by John – to fulfil all righteousness – and Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit, by God the Father. He is then tempted. After blessing, He is tried, tested, tempted. An experience of the wilderness is almost essential in the life of the man of God. JESUS overcomes – triumphs – and returns to Nazareth – and even when reading the lesson in the synagogue and making the briefest of comments, everything appears so very different. Jesus Christ calls disciples. Now this is what God had always been doing – calling men – Abraham – Moses – Joshua – Isaiah – Jeremiah – and others. Jesus begins by calling Peter and Andrew and James and John and Matthew – and a few others. There is nothing radically new in God’s method. He uses men – people. God is deeply interested in people – in fellowshipping with people – in saving people from their sins – that is why Jesus came!

The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

Reviewing the life and ministry of Jesus can be inspiring – because it is Jesus who says, “Follow me”. This can also help us explain to other people what we believe and why we believe it – and this knowledge is the most precious knowledge we can have. When we see Jesus Christ, there should be that desire – that longing – that yearning – not only to admire and follow – not only to obey Him – but to seek to become like Jesus – and that is the challenge each of us faces. John Chapter 20 verses 19 to 29 – we have this responsibility to trust the biblical message. Four Gospels – they were written around 60 to 90 A.D. They complement each other.

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