Low Carb Keto Crunchy Coconut Shrimp Recipe

Hi Everyone!! Thank you so much for stopping by our channel, we really have a treat for you guys today!

This dish is one of my all time favorites and we’re really thrilled with how it turned out! Whether you’re having keto coconut shrimp or non-keto coconut shrimp, I think we can all agree that this dish is best served hot!

Now, to some people-it’s all about the sauce! The shrimp would be absolutely delicious with a keto marmalade or even a sriracha mayo! Be creative!

The full recipe and instructions can be found at www.ketointhecountry.com

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We hope you love this dish as much as we do! If you try this, let us know how it turns out or what you did different! As always, thank you so much to our subscribers—you guys truly are the best!

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