Developing a Succession Plan Stages Three and Four

This is part two in a series of two articles about developing a succession plan. These plans are difficult to create but when prepared by professionals with experience in doing these plans you can rest assured that your plan will be strong.

Developing a Succession Plan Stages One and Two

The importance of a properly drafted and executed Succession Plan is critical to the continuance of your business. This article helps to guide you in the development of the plan.

Buy-Sell Agreements in a Succession Plan

You are in business with one or more business ‘partners’. Most likely all of the business owners are involved in the day to day running of the business. But what happens if you or they die or retire from the running of the business? Here we set out some of the problems you may encounter unless you have a proper business succession document (often called a Buy/Sell Agreement). We also set out some of the options and issues in putting in place a proper Buy/Sell Agreement. These issues are the same regardless of whether your business is run via a company, unit trust or partnership.

Say Yes! Be Positive! Be Strong!

I wanted the title to be an attention getting device. So, I said the most obvious attention getting advice in life: Say yes, be positive, be strong!

Are You Ready to Express Your Biggest Weakness in Interview?

One of the most common as well as an aggravating question asked during interview session used to be: “Tell us something about your weakness?” And you start rolling your eyes..

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