4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Advertising

These strategies will help you improve engagement and clicks on your Facebook ads. These will then help you improve the performance of your Facebook advertising.

Paper Model Houses

Are you a hobbyist who enjoys building from scratch? Have you worked with papers to build a house or a commercial building for a miniature railway center, a small house to display miniature arts and handicrafts, or a scale model of your dream, beach, or cottage house on your wish list.

Which Diet Is Best for Heart Health?

There has been an ongoing argument concerning saturated fat and heart health. For many years the prevailing wisdom has been to avoid saturated fats and replace them with “heart healthy” carbohydrates and vegetable oils. This research revealed some surprising results.

The Art Of Culture

This is an essay on the explication of the various facets of culture. Culture has been analyzed as Paedogenesis., sedimentation, exfoliation, and afforestation. This article examines how culture develops as an institution.

First Rule of Marketing: A Confused Mind Always Says “No”

Dear small business owner, I get it. Marketing is not your thing. Your business is your thing and you wouldn’t even think about marketing if you weren’t trying to promote your product or service. So, while you’re out there trying to wear all the different hats necessary to start and grow a small business, let me tell you about the A #1, top, most important rule of marketing: A Confused Mind Always Says “No”

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