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Almighty God Intervened, and Intervenes, Spectacularly – And Continues to Do So Today

After all the rather hard and harsh truths which Isaiah was given to proclaim during his lengthy prophetic ministry, God places these words in his heart. We are reading here of how God would intervene spectacularly. As we approach this season which many call ‘Advent’ – in a year which has been like no other – we so need the comforting grace of our gracious God and the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit – and where better to open our hearts than to the truth and truths of Scripture. Isaiah senses that the Spirit of the Lord God was upon him. Isaiah knew he was anointed by God – that can make a man speak out boldly and courageously – that can also make a man tremble. When you do speak out you tremble – and when you do not speak out you tremble. Without the Spirit of God we would not have any live living message to preach – and without the Spirit of God we cannot receive and embrace the word which is preached and proclaimed. The good news of God needs the Holy Spirit’s anointing.

In These Present Times How Worried Should We Be?

Jesus says to His disciples – “Do not worry”. Jesus is not teaching His disciples not to care – nor to do nothing – but He is teaching them not to worry. The birds have to go and find their food. Do not let your lives be dominated, ruined, or spoiled by worry – Jesus tells us why. Jesus is teaching disciples about anxiety. Some six times, in this short passage, Jesus refers to being anxious – or worried. Worry come from an old English word meaning to strangle or choke. Jesus is challenging disciples about our pride – our faithlessness – the ways in which we can be so easily distracted. This is not a nice psychological message. This is not some sweet and honey coated teaching. He is challenging our pride and faithlessness and independence. Jesus sets before us a path – and a way to live – so that we can be fruitful disciples.

How To Welcome All Your Feelings (Even The Difficult Ones) And Dissolve Any Resistance

Think about a recent negative emotion you experienced? Was it anger, sadness, fear, or something else? What was your first inclination when you noticed the emotion? Resist it, ignore it or push it down? Regrettably, this is how many people react when unwelcomed emotions surface. From a young age, we are taught some emotions are good and others are bad. But there are no such thing as good or bad emotions. All emotions serve a purpose and act as messengers, alerting us to something that requires our attention.

Smartech Education

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How Does Writing Improves Your Mental Health?

When you write down your thoughts, you feel revitalized; you feel so relaxed. People who always feel alone or those who isolate themselves from the rest of the world find solace when they write about their feelings and emotions.

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