The Best Keto Muffins Almond Flour | Keto Recipes

The Best Keto Muffins Almond Flour | Keto Recipes

Everyone loves Muffins and when you are on a Keto Diet, feel like muffins? This video will show you How to make Keto Muffins,Low Carb Muffins,Keto Recipes. These Muffins will be Best Keto Muffins which we will make using Almond Flour Muffins and these Muffins are Low Carb Muffins,Keto Muffins and one of the amazing Keto Recipes. Keto Muffins Recipes,keto muffins almond flour,keto muffins headbanger,keto muffins cream cheese. So when are you making these Amazing Keto Recipes of Keto Muffins,low carb muffins,keto muffins !!! Muffins Keto by Cook with Bir

Per Muffin-
net carb 4 g
protein 4 g
fat 15 g
fiber 1 g
calories 196

1 1/4 cup blanched almond flour
3 tbs stevia powder
5 tbs melted butter
227 gm cream cheese
1 egg
1/4 cup sour cream
4 strawberry [optional ] [2 carb]
1 tsp vanilla [make 12 cup ]

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Keto Muffins Low Carb Muffins Keto Recipes

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