The Best Keto Pasta Ever! Low Carb Pasta! How to make Keto Pasta Keto Fettuccine – only 1.5g carbs!

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All I’ve heard lately from you guys is keto pasta…can you make a keto pasta recipes? Now I haven’t made a keto pasta recipe on the channel because all the low carb pasta recipes out there just don’t cut it! I have a high standard on my channel. I wanted a low carb pasta recipe that was AMAZING, something close to real pasta! Well, we’ve found it! Introducing, the BEST keto pasta ever!

This keto pasta is using similar ingredients to the best keto bread recipe on my channel. It took a number of tries to get this keto pasta recipe to work however. I wanted a keto pasta recipe that you can handle just like regular wheat pasta – I wanted to be able to roll the keto pasta, cut the keto pasta and boil it to have some delicious, quick and easy low carb pasta at the end. And all of those boxes are checked! This keto pasta comes in with VERY good macros for those on a keto, lchf, banting of low carb lifestyle. It is very low carb and suitable for those doing a keto diet. This will not kick you out of ketosis with such a low net carb count.Plus this keto pasta is packed with fiber, so it will keep you nice and full for a long time! My motive for this keto pasta recipe was to make a keto pasta that comes close to the real thing. I was sick of these so called low carb pasta recipes which were horrid! A mix of almond flour and egg, ended up with some chewy, falling apart excuse for a keto pasta recipe. I couldn’t in good conscience, put up a poor keto recipe like that on my channel. That would be doing my loyal subscribers an injustice. I pride my channel on have great keto recipes / low carb recipes that actually work, taste great and can be made by anyone. You can trust the keto recipes that appear on my channel.

A huge shoutout must go to one of my subscribers, Phil Dietrich, who gave this keto pasta recipe to me. I made a small change and think this low carb pasta recipe came out AMAZING! I love being connected to out keto community to develop awesome keto recipes to help you keep it keto. This keto pasta recipe requires some adapting – if you see it is a little too dry and not coming together, you can add in a tablespoon of water or two. You’ll just have to experiment. However, I found the xanthan gum really helps this keto pasta dough come together. I am absolutely thrilled how this low carb pasta came out. It rolls out like regular wheat pasta, goes through a pasta machine like regular pasta (to make keto fettuccine), and can be boiled just like regular pasta. Yep, it is quite remarkable! You are now free to make any keto pasta dish that you choose. My first keto pasta recipe was a chicken keto fettuccine alfredo! It was quite spectacular.

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Ingredients for this Keto Pasta Recipe (this can be scaled up/down if needed):
1/2 cup Vital Wheat Gluten (80g/2.82oz)
1/2 cup of Oat Fiber (41g/1.45oz)
2 eggs
1/2 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1/2 Tablespoon salt
1/4 teaspoon Xanthan Gum

UPDATED Macros for the Keto Pasta:
Cal: 559
Fat: 22g
Net Carbs: 10g (44g total carbs – 34g fiber)
Protein: 64g

UPDATED Macros per serving of Keto Pasta (assuming 4 servings):
Cal: 140
Fat: 5.5g
Net Carbs: 2.5g (11g total – 8.5g fiber)
Protein: 17g 

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