The BEST low carb (dirty keto) corn tortillas EVER! Actual corn and only 2g net carbs per serving

DISCLAIMER: the inclusion of corn — even very low carb baby corn — keeps this from being “clean keto”. If you’re okay with a little dirt on your keto from time to time, proceed. Otherwise, you should probably move on to this recipe: A

I have tried so many low carb tortilla recipes that have left me disappointed. I’ve been tweaking this recipe for a couple of months trying to really nail the taste and texture of homemade masa tortillas, and I’m really proud of how this turned out.

Be warned: this recipe is a little bit of work, but it’s totally worth it. And after you’ve made it once and have a feel for the flow, you’ll be banging these out regularly. Recipe is listed below. I can’t promise you’ll get the same results if you make any substitutions.

In terms of the extracts/flavoring, you will get 24 batches out of a bottle of Amoretti and 12 batches out of a bottle of OOOFlavors. Based on the prices on Amazon, you looking at using $2 worth of extract for each batch (or 25 cents per tortilla).

Products used in this video:
Silicone Baking Mat: N
Amoretti Sweet Corn Extract: I
OOOFlavors Cornbread Flavor: q
Lodge 10.5″ Cast Iron Skillet: Y
Cooling Racks: 3
Tortilla Press (high end): P
Tortilla Press (cheap): R
Bench Scraper: y

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