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The Benefits of Installing Acoustic Wood or Timber Panels

Music and speech quality can be enhanced in the office, library, school, hospital restaurant, etc., with the installation of high-performance acoustic timber panels. For further information, contact a specialist supplier such as Australian-based manufacturer Sontext, or visit their website at

Interesting Hotel Adventures

Have you stayed at a hotel recently? Did anything interesting happen?

New Book Teaches Business Owner Freedom Through Employee Empowerment

In “Service Industry Success,” Brian Harding offers tips based on personal experience on how to inspire and motivate employees so you, the business owner, can enjoy freedom to step away from your business as needed or desired. Employee empowerment is the key for business owner success and time away.

It’s Not Recovery That Hurts, It’s Your History

If you are the victim of narcissistic abuse by a parent, spouse or someone who was in a position of authority or control, you have probably experienced the paralysis of pain when you try to recover. That pain is not caused by your recovery, it is caused by the historic wounds on your soul.

The Cure For Belief In The Ancient Western Code

Before I really begin, I would like to say that the spiritual, strange, magical and weird does exist as nothing unreal exists even in thought, and the ancient Western Code of nothing spiritual, amazing or strange has any validity is pure foolishness. Progenitors of the Western Code like Wilhelm Wundt and Sigmund Freud saying basically that we are “meat puppets” without spirit and lots of guilt and evil is nonsense too.

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