Training Camp 2 – Commandos 2 HD REMASTER #2

Training Camp 2 – Commandos 2 HD REMASTER #2

Second mission is Training Camp 2. Easy enough mission to start with when you first play Commandos 2 HD REMASTER.

Commandos 2 HD REMASTER is a good game. I played the old Commandos 2 and to see it being remastered is great.

Take control of an elite group of commandos who must venture deep into enemy territory and utilize their combined expertise to complete a series of notoriously demanding missions set in World War II. Go covert into various environments based on authentic World War II locations and lead your team of commandos against overwhelming odds, operate covertly and turn the tide of war.
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Game Info
Relive the real-time tactics masterpiece that defined the genre like no other: Commandos 2 – HD Remaster is a true homage to one of gaming’s most celebrated masterpieces.
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