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The Dangers Of SHORT – Sighted Public Officials!

One of the greatest challenges, to proceeding, with, better, more effective, public policies, is, too many voters, cast – their – votes, based on populist, often – empty, rhetoric and promises, instead of competency, preparedness, and focusing on the best, most relevant, and sustainable, course of action, into – the – future! This SHORT – sighted behavior, and continuous tendencies, become the so – called, perfect storm, which prevents, proceeding with common sense, and emphasizing service and representation, for the greater good, instead of any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly,…

How We Benefit From Real POSITIVE Leaders?

How many times have, each of us, heard someone refer to proceeding with a POSITIVE attitude, avoiding negativism, and seeing the glass, as half – full, instead of half – empty? However, unless/ until, this process, moves – forward, in a realistic way, and avoids the tendency of some, to wear, rose – colored glasses, our results are often, less – than – stellar! After, over four decades of involvement, in, nearly, all areas of effectively leading, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing and consulting, to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, as well as serving, personally, as a leader,…

How to Cultivate Creativity and Innovation

Have you ever wondered how you can have your creative juices flowing leading to innovation? This article shows how.

5 Positive Choices Needed to Sustain a Healthy Life Balance

Do you think about your life and what it takes to keep yourself well-balanced and healthy? What I’ve observed, as a mindset coach is the average person gets caught up with life and many responsibilities held, without thinking about if there is an imbalance in one area or another. Typically, it isn’t until a time of crisis, such as a health concern or other triggering event, when someone will stop and take stock of their life. The traditional thinking about balance is related to a work and life balance, balancing family, friends, hobbies, and whatever is important with a person’s career. Yet I’ve found balance to sustain a healthy life involves something much more important, and it all starts with mindset maintenance. If you think of the mind being in balance, there would be a neutral state of mind, without excess negative or positive feelings. But the mind has thoughts flowing through it every second of the day, which means the mind can be in a negative or positive state at any time.

“Eating Healthy Is for Sissies”

As a youngster, I often heard my father say things that later turned out not to be on the true side of the table. So I guess that is a father’s prerogative, and I probably have done the same thing many times. But I don’t want to research that aspect of my life right now. One that he said quite often was, “Eating healthy is for sissies.” At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about, but I did know that good old mom worked very hard to make sure he had healthy food to consume. So she did her job, but he did not fare well with that. He always ate in the opposite of healthy, and that just was the way he was. Later in life, he had diabetes, high blood pressure, clogged arteries and finally, several heart attacks. Then he died. According to him, these things had nothing whatsoever to do with his eating. They were just things that happened and he had no control over them.

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