When There Are No Muay Thai Gyms In Your Area Do This!

When There Are No Muay Thai Gyms In Your Area Do This!

When There Are No Muay Thai Gyms In Your Area Do This!

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When there are no established gyms in your area or country for that matter, or on days when you just can’t make it to the gym to join group training, you really need to be able to put in the work to keep the consistency in your training.
This could mean training by yourself at home is your only option.
Also, this type of workout when coupled with learning from instructors online through the internet and traveling intermittently to gain knowledge can help you actually grow and improve your Muay Thai.

So let’s take a look at the main aspects of a typical muay Thai workout or training session and see what we can take away so that you can train yourself at home.

Main Components of a Muay Thai Workout
A typical muay thai workout can be broken down to:

Warm-Up (running, skipping, tire bouncing, dynamic stretching/mobility)
Technique and Skills/Strategy (shadow boxing, thai pads, heavy bag, sparring and clinching)
Strength & Conditioning (pushups, situps, heavy bag burnout drills, partner drills)
Cool Down (stretching, deep breathing)
Often times the strength and conditioning aspect can be integrated into the technique and skills training.

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