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Funnels Via Instagram

A funnel is just the automated way of leading a prospect or customer through your sales process. Making it simple is best. I’ve talked about digital or online funnels before. It’s now possible to create a funnel directly within the Direct Messaging stream of Instagram, using DM automation software. Traffic is often the single biggest problem and expense for those creating a funnel. Any Instagram account with 10,000 or more followers already has the potential for a steady stream of traffic.

Language Lesson Integration: SDGs 2030 – Here Are Tips

With the advancement in technology and the challenges in education, we need to really do our job as educators to have our learners get the wisdom of global citizenship training, overcoming barriotic thinking and so on. In this article, am going to tackle some practical tips on making your lesson globally relevant as we use SDGs as springboard for introduction of the lesson, main activities or reflection pieces.

Vaccine Controversy

Many of the medical community have been openly supportive of the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine even though it dissipates it’s effectiveness in less than 3 months. When Operation Warp Speed took hold the medical establishment totally forgot to emphasize the importance of a healthy natural immune system in response when one does come in contact with the Covid-19 virus. They have since only relied on the strict adherence of vaccine mandates.

Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Legacy Software With Odoo ERP Now

To cope up with the advancements of technologies and to meet the increasing and modern demands of the consumers, you need to replace your legacy software with Odoo ERP now. Odoo makes business management efficient, faster, and automated and ensures a streamlined workflow.

Tomorrow (Almost) Never Comes

It’s rare that availability to do work increases as the project gets closer to its final delivery date, and that tasks deferred throughout the project now have extra time to get done. Typically, the project team is working hard to accomplish the only-most-crucial tasks to meet delivery, with other tasks either deferred to post-release or not done at all. The attitude is that those tasks can be completed later when there’s more time. I have two problems with this:

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