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Basics of Arduino Nano

In today’s tutorial, I am gonna give you all the basic details of Arduino Nano, which is a microcontroller board designed by Arduino.cc. Its is most widely used board because of its small size and flexibility. It has 22 pins in total which can be used for input or output functions. Moreover it also supports different communication protocols i.e. Serial, I2C and SPI etc.

Best Things to Know About Bhutan – Best Holiday Destinations and the Happiest Country in Asia

the most amazing breathtaking sights across Asia, Bhutan, known as the happiest country in Asia is also inevitable to describe its incredible nature’s beauties.Bhutan (Druk Yul), also known as Land of The Thunder Dragon is a South East Asian country, located in the eastern Himalayas. Bhutan is one of the amazing foreign destinations that every Indian can visit without visa with your Indian passport.

Women in Islam and in Our Society

Islam has empowered women with the most progressive rights since the 7th century. In Islam women are not inferior and unequal to men. There was a time when female children were buried alive and Arabian women were considered as transportable property, Islam honored them and shield them with unrivalled rights. They were given right to education, right to marry someone of their own choice, to divorce and to keep their identity after marriage etc. Additionally, the women had played a vital role in development of nations and societies, but those nations and societies restricted them by violating their rights that Islam has given. The people of the societies so called religious persons, violet the women’s rights and involve the religion in the violation. Perhaps, they have forgotten that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) tried to transform the mindset of Arabs regarding the treatment of women, and Islam raised the respect of women in the society. In our society women are being used as home stuffs. Early childhood marriage, honor killing and violation of right to Education are the elements that excluded women from humanism and put them in animalism.

Yarddiant Web Lounge Pvt Ltd – Web Development Company

web development is a crucial factor in the successful development of any business venture. Hence, alongside kick-starting a project, one should need to find a good web development company, who can ensure the business a great success.


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